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Training Host

Grand River Solutions provides harassment and discrimination response and resolution services to schools and colleges. The primary responsibility of the Host will be to support the logistics of virtual trainings offered by Grand River Solutions.  Tasks will include prepping PowerPoint decks for trainings, working with members of the Grand River Solutions Marketing and Training team to finalize training materials, setting up and hosting virtual meetings for Trainings, providing technical support for attendees and trainers, and editing and sharing training materials post-training.
Summary of Responsibilities:
•       Preparing training materials including:
◦       Preparing and polishing PowerPoint decks 1 week prior to training date
◦       Preparing pre-reading materials and training evaluations
•       Hosting virtual trainings, which will require:
◦       Availability for intervals of 4.5-5 hours (with scheduled breaks) to be on camera and available to provide technical and logistic support to speakers and attendees
◦       Control main screen graphics and screen sharing of presenter content 
◦       Offering welcome and closing remarks
◦       Host Zoom meeting
•       Oversee post-training requirements including:
◦       Downloading and editing video recordings
◦       Editing and preparing PowerPoint decks and post-reading materials to be shared
◦       Coordinating data collection from post-training evaluations
Required Minimum Qualifications:
Skills Required:
•       Strong technical skills
•       Ability to problem solve and troubleshoot technology
•       Strong customer service skills
•       Strong professional communication and public speaking skills
•       Host Trainings- Requires availability for intervals of 4.5-5 hours
•       Open zoom meeting ~30 minutes early
•       Run back-end of Zoom meeting for training duration
•       Run facilitator slides
•       Immediately Before Beginning the Training
◦       Enable auto-transcription
◦       Begin recording to cloud
•       During Training
◦       Offer welcoming remarks and introduce speaker (using facilitator script)
◦       Run Zoom meeting controls and oversee back end tech needs for ~4-hour trainings
◦       Run facilitator slides (when applicable)
◦       Provide technical support to facilitator and attendees
◦       Be prepared to update slides/resources in live time as requested by facilitator
Specific Tasks
•       Day Of Pre-Training
◦       (1 hour before) Prepare training materials on computer
▪       Evaluation
▪       Script
▪       Speaker slides
▪       Training materials
◦       (30 minutes before start) Open meeting 
◦       (10-15 minutes before start) Admit Facilitator 
▪       Assign Co-Host role to Facilitator(s)
▪       Run tech-check with facilitator
▪       Message attendees in waiting room
◦       (5 minutes before start)
▪       Admit attendees from waiting room
◦       Manage breakout rooms
◦       Close training
•       Post-Training
◦       Download and clean up recordings using video editing software
◦       Convert slides to PDF and apply watermark
◦       Upload recording, slides, and any other resources to campus OneHub folder
◦       Share file link and survey link with campus point of contact

Grand Rivers Solutions offers a benefits package to our full time employees, including health, life, and disability insurance, retirement plans, and stock options.
Equal Opportunity Statement:
Grand River Solutions is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Applications from women, minority and under-represented group members, veterans and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply.
If you require a reasonable accommodation for a disability for any part of the employment process, please contact
Work Authorization
As required by the 1986 Immigration Act, be prepared to present acceptable documentation upon hire showing your identity and that you are a U.S. citizen or an alien who is authorized to work.
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